Wearing Dark Lipstick Like a Pro

Wearing Dark Lipstick Like a Pro

Makeup is really a wonderful way for a woman to enhance her beauty. With her face a woman presents herself to the world. Makeup can make a woman look professional, sexy, young.

Makeup is really a wonderful way for a woman to enhance her beauty. With her face a woman presents herself to the world. Makeup can make a woman look professional, sexy, young. There are many ways that a woman can choose to wear her makeup, and the way that she wears her makeup really can tell a lot about her.

Many women choose to wear little makeup. They may feel like it makes them look fake, or they may think that they are not in need of that much makeup. There are other women that feel just the opposite. They may feel like the makeup can cover over all of the things that they do not like on their face.

There is a happy medium for women. There is a way to apply just the right amount of makeup in just the right way. It is important that makeup does the job of enhancing and not covering a person’s face. It is good to have a nice look and at the same time still look like yourself.

Lipstick is one of the most versatile pieces of makeup. When a woman wears lipstick she can feel like a million bucks. It not only paints her lips, but it can really do a great job at polishing her face. Many women see the red lip as the most provocative and sexy lip.

The pink lip is a more playful and young look. Nowadays the nude lip is really in style as well. It allows a woman to feel like she has a natural look while still maintaining a slight amount of color on her lips.

When it comes to lipstick and really all makeup in general, there is a method that should be used so that the makeup looks apparent, but at the same time not overwhelming. It is good to not wear too much of any color all over the face, and to make sure that just two things have heavy color on the face.

There are three points of color on a woman’s face and those points are the eyes, the cheeks and the lips. Whenever a woman does her makeup she wants to make sure that all three points are not overly colored. If a woman decides to put a lot of color on each of those three points, she will run the risk of looking a little too clowny and fake.

Dark lipstick is beautiful. It can come in shades of purple, pink, black, brown, red and even dark orange. A woman has no need to be afraid of using a dark color, she just has to keep in mind the idea that was mentioned above.

She never wants to put too much emphasis on all three points of the face. When a woman decides that she is going to wear dark lipstick a good idea is to go light on the other three points on the face.

Generally lips are the last thing to be done on the face. After the foundation and powder have been applied next comes the eyes. It is a good idea to get a nude or a light eyeshadow. After the eye has been covered, go over the eyelid with a pencil, but only cover the lash line.

Next the mascara can be applied. After the mascara, next shape and color the eyebrow. Since the eyes were neutral, it is perfectly fine to get a nice rich color for the cheeks. Blush can be placed at the apples of the cheeks or high up.

Last but not least comes the dark lip color. It is a good idea to get some kind of base for the lip so that the color stays on. Even a light amount of concealer will do. After the concealer is placed next get a nice dark lip liner and line and fill the lips.

It is fine to get two lip liners and use the darker color to line the lips and the lighter to fill the lips. Next apply the lipstick color to the lips. If a woman is going for a matte look it is good to only apply a dark matte lipstick. If she is hoping for a glossy look she can apply gloss to make the lips pop even more.

There are different ways that a woman can wear makeup for any occasion and a dark lip complemented by the right eye and cheek makeup can make a woman look great and chic.


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