The leading microblading artist-Sheila Bella


Sheila Bella is one the top American prominent artist in microblading and permanent makeup. She has been the top artist for 15 years for one of the most promising brands including Chanel, Lancome, Benefit and Clinique. With her demanding and satisfying work, she was acknowledged authorization in Los Angeles. In United States of America, Bella is known to be the forerunner in microblading. She has done over thousands of microblading and enduring makeup processes and taught these skills to her exclusive artists very well.
She blends her own method with exclusive practices, having modern procedures and machinery developed by herself. She changed the misconception of permanent makeup as most of the people thought it as a taboo. Using her aesthetic techniques and procedures Bella gives you a more natural look with her subtle permanent makeup.
Sheila Bella Microblading Clinic gives its clients a cozy comfortable environment where her clients feel free to stride in and consider themselves a part of her small skilled family. She believes that before starting any procedure, a comprehensive discussion with her client is very important. During discussion she asks her clients to open up about their likes or dislikes, or whatever look they want to have. She then guarantees uniformity and accuracy of her clients face by gauging their face with a ruler and mark points to draw a sketch of the eyebrows with a regular pencil. When the client is satisfied with the desired shape, the color of the ink is selected. A regular numb cream is applied on the brows and covered it with plastic wrap for few minutes. After the area is completely numb, ink pigment is implanted with a high efficiency sterile needle into the skin of the client in the form of very little and fine hair strokes. This procedure takes time, proficiency and lots of deliberation and focus. Once the procedure is done the final look is shown to the client to make any further alterations if needed.
Microblading and permanent makeup is not a one term process. It may take more than one session depending upon the nature of the skin and the satisfaction of the client. After doing first session of microblading an additional coat of ink is mandatory to cover the first layer. The second session may takes place 1 to 3 months after the first one.
Besides being an initiator of her clinic and principal artist in microblading, Bella is a mother of two kids. Sheila praises her father for inheriting her skills, hardworking, and determination. Bella not only constraints herself to makeup and microblading, she also done her part in showbiz as an actress, vocalist, model and carnival queen. In 2004 she won the crown of Miss Philippines USA. She has performed in various melodic drama shows comprising Miss Saigon and South Pacific.
Sheila Bella gives a message of women empowerment by her work and determination. She want women to be more self-assured and feel beautiful. She said in a magazine that she wants her clients to leave her clinic with a warm obliged heart.

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