The Correct Blush or Bronzer for Asian Skin

The Correct Blush or Bronzer for Asian Skin

What are your lifestyle demands? Are your athletic or are you more dress to impress?

Makeup is an important and powerful ally of any woman. It has the power to not only enhance our natural beauty but to also give an energy boost as well. Sometimes, when a woman is having a particularly gray day, just by adding a touch of lipstick to the lips can turn your whole mood around. The same is true for blush/bronzer. The addition of blush/bronzer is meant to give the face an appearance of defined structure that highlight areas of the face in a subtle sun kissed way.

Here is how to choose the right blush/bronzer for Asian Skin: In general Asian skin has a yellow undertone to its hue. So, when choosing a bronzer an Asian woman should stay with warm colors. Warm tones are in colors such as yellow, orange, and peach; it also includes neutrals and browns. When blush is being used to highlight the apples of the cheeks, Asian women can venture into the cool colors.

Having the right blush/bronzer for your skin also means having it in the right texture for your skin type. Blush/bronzer are available in 4 textures and in a multitude of colors. The four textures are:

  • Powder, which is great for all skin types. Powder works best and lasts longer after application when it is applied over foundation and powder.
  • Cream can be worn on bare skin. Its application yields a better result when it is applied with the fingertips or a sponge.
  • Gel is light and gives a transparent, natural glow. This should not be used over powder, apply to bare skin or over foundation.
  • Liquid is a stain and should be applied to bare skin.

One key thing to note, is that your skin is also a texture. It has pores and it breathes in, as well as, gets rid of some of the body’s waste through those same pores. So, while you are deciding which texture of blush/bronzer might be right for your skin type, take these things into consideration.

  • What is your skin type? Is it oily or dry?
  • What type of weather climate do you live in? Hot and humid or Cold and dry?
  • What are your lifestyle demands? Are your athletic or are you more dress to impress?

The answer to these questions will have some effect on which type of texture you should choose. If you are more athletic and tend to perspire throughout the day then you may choose a powder blush/bronzer that will give you more lasting coverage because it will last longer under such conditions.

However, if you are not as active and your skin is dry during most of your active part of the day you can choose a cream or a gel. The same is true for your weather climate considerations. If the climate is particularly hot and humid a powder may serve you best. But if it is a dry cold climate then a cream may serve you best.

How to apply your choosen blush/bronzer. You can use a brush or your fingertips to apply your blush/bronze, which ever is creating the look that you are trying to achieve. Using your fingers will give you more control of the product’s application, but using a brush will give you more even coverage.

When using the blush/bronzer to conture your face, you have to take into consideration the shape of your face. Asian women tend to have round or square face shapes, so contouring is essential for creating focus areas.

Start by using the bronze color under your cheekbones and at your temple and brow bone and jaw bone, some refer to this as creating the shape of the letter C that starts at your temple and ends under your cheek bone. Brush under your jaw bone on both sides. Use the neutral tone across your nose and the top of your forehead.

Reserve the color for the apples of your cheek only. To find the apples of your cheek, it is even with the tip of your nose and right under the pupil of your eye. Use the brush to fan the blush in whiskerlike strokes out to the side. This will blend the product for even coverage.


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