Right way to contour your face


Makeup is incomplete without contouring and highlighting you features. Contouring mainly defines and sharpen the edges of your cheekbones, jawlines, nose, cupid bows, and forehead. To contour your face in a right way, you must know your face shape. Not all the women have a typical rounded jaw line, some have oval face, some have heart shaped face, and some have a rectangular face.
So before doing contouring you must:

    • Know correct face structure
    • Have a good foundation that matches you skin tone
    • Have a concealer one shade lighter from you skin tone
    • Have a good contour and highlighting kit
    • Have soft blending brushes

Now let’s know the right way to contour face step by step

Step 1: Prep your face by first applying a little bit of primer. It helps to seal pores.

Step 2: Blend your foundation well. It is necessary to apply foundation before doing contouring because if you don’t do it your face looks patchy and uneven.

Step 3: After applying and blending your base foundation, apply a highlighting foundation that should be two shades lighter from your base foundation under your eyes, nose bone, center of forehead and chin. It would help make your features more prominent and obvious.

Step 4:  Now take a foundation few shades darker than your skin tone. It will help in soften the edges that you don’t want to highlight. It will make your cheekbones looks strident and makes your chin slim. You can also go with the bronzer instead of foundation.

Using a bronzer or contour kit, make a 3 by applying darker shade on top of your forehead just underneath your hairline, on the sides of the forehead, under your cheekbones, on both sides of the nose, and on jawline to make it look more sharper. Blend them well with the help of your fingers or blending brush. Ensure that the edges are blended well to avoid any sharp lines.

Step 5: Add highlighter to boost your look. Consider using a cream highlighter as it catches more light and gives a more shimmery look. Apply it over your cheekbones, in the center of the chin and forehead.

Step 6: Apply a light blush over your cheeks to make the look velvety and peachy.

Step 7: Don’t forget to use a matte setting powder all over your face. It goes well with cream based foundations, as it helps to settle everything in its place for a long time and gives a more smooth texture.

Step 8: If you are attending any night function, you should apply a soft coat of shimmer powder on your entire face, focusing on highlighted areas, neck and collar bones.

Pro tips:

  • To contour round face make sure not to overdo anything. Since round faces are more symmetrical so what you do is only shadowing your edges.
  • Since oval faces are already stretched, you don’t have to contour too much. The only area to focus is under your cheekbones.
  • Heart shaped faces are broader at the forehead and more sloping at the chin and jawline. So you have to contour your forehead only to reduce it is width.
  • To contour a square face you only have to soften the edges of your jawline, cheekbones to make them look more rounded since they are already well defined and sharpened.
  • You have to make sure that the foundation and contour you are going to use are in cream or in powder form.
  • You should either go with a heavy eye makeup with lighter lips, or bold lips with lighter eye makeup.

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