Really need to avoid during the sales

Really need to avoid during the sales

There are some things you don’t say when you come back from a day’s sales. Things you tend to be ashamed of… YES, you have to adopt certain reflexes when you buy a shopping trip at low prices.

There are some things you don’t say when you come back from a day’s sales. Things you tend to be ashamed of… YES, you have to adopt certain reflexes when you buy a shopping trip at low prices. You have to avoid coming back with stuff you’ll never wear, but not only.

The sales started on the internet as in the shops! French fashionistas have sometimes even started shopping thanks to private sales in their favourite stores. As for the others, they are getting ready to shoot some good deals and pieces they have been dreaming of for several months.

The problem is that we don’t always leave with useful stuff. During our 100% sales day, we tend to let ourselves go and hurt our credit card for no reason. A look back at these 10 reflexes to literally give up for these sales.

If it is too small, it is too small

You don’t have to be stubborn. That’s life and you have to admit, this perfecto is way too tight. It’s not your size, that’s all. No, this time you won’t buy it thinking you’ll start a drastic diet as soon as you get home. This also applies in the opposite case. If you swim in it, it doesn’t matter.

You don’t need it

You already have four pairs of Nike sneakers. Unless you really need it, don’t succumb to temptation. As your mother repeats, “You don’t have to buy to buy”. If you’re sad that you didn’t find the part of your dreams on this sales day, it doesn’t matter. No worries!

Try before you buy

You can say it’s your size, but unfortunately it’s not. Of course, the line for fitting rooms freaks you out, but don’t buy anything and everything. The garment may be beautiful on the hanger, you don’t always know how it will adapt to your morphology. Otherwise, you can turn to the stores that refund all the parts (including sales) shopped that do not finally make you vibrate. See conditions with the concerned shops.

You have to control yourself

On sales day, fashionistas sometimes go crazy (even often) and buy too much. The simple fact that the chick who’s been staring at you for an hour gets the top you can’t afford annoys you to death. As a result, you hit the part in question when you don’t necessarily have the means to do so. And it sucks.

No, you will not eat pasta for three months

It is better not to get into debt for an excess of spring parts. Shoot a few discounted things but don’t overdo it. Your banker could get angry.

Hitting a shooter is prohibited

She may have taken advantage of your lack of attention to steal THE purse you found on the shelf, but you can’t use violence. Of course, you only put it down to try on a coat. Yes, she took it from you without asking you. It’s abused, but that’s life.

Sleeping in front of H&M is a bad idea

Some shopping addicts have already done so, but we strongly advise against it. Pitting in front of a store to be the first to find good deals there is a little dirty though.

You won’t feel uncomfortable

There are shoppers who are so busy with sales that they forget to hydrate during the day. With the crowd and the “stress”, it is not impossible to pass out.

You will not borrow money from your relatives

Racking your little brother for the sale is not nice. Good accounts make good friends, don’t forget that. Going into debt with your loved ones won’t help you. It may even get you into trouble.

Heels are painful

For your endless sales trip, you will rely more on sneakers or flat shoes. The heels could hurt and tire you out. You have to run fast to get the best deals.


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