Let’s end Racism together


Racism, also known as racialism, means a belief that one race or group of people is superior or inferior to the others. It also means prejudice and discrimination against people of different ethnicity. Split mankind into two divisions “beautiful white race” and the “ugly black race”.
Racism has existed throughout the human history. Racism has emerged greatly in the west causing the westerners to think that the non-westerns are inferior to them. The most notorious form of racism was the slavery of Africans by the west. This enslavement disclosed the racist belief that black men are not able to get full human rights and they are less than white men in every form. Throughout the world refugees, asylum seekers and migrants have been the victim of racist attacks. In some part of the world black people are deprived of their basic human rights.
In this modern era, we are still stuck with this wrong notion. Many examples can be found of brutal racism in history and in present. The Nazi movement, barbarity in Kashmir, racism against Mexican Americans, shooting on mosques in New Zeeland, Ban on black people in McDonalds China and anti-black movement.
International human rights law seeks to eradicate racial discrimination in the world, yet it has not matched its intent. Racism has three major types: personally mediated, internalized and institutionalized.
Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream at the historic march in Washington that his children “Will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.
Recently a black man was killed named Ahmaud Arbery by two armed white men while out for jog, triggering outrage throughout the world. Asian Americans are facing discrimination and abuse over corona virus.
Racism can also be seen in employment, schools, hospitals and in criminal justice system. Discrimination is a major obstacle when looking for a job in west. Unequal treatment, lower wages, harassment and abusive remarks are particularly for black people. It also hinders the enjoyment of political and social rights. Racism can also be seen in media, television, a white local news anchor in Oklahoma said that her black colleague looked like a gorilla.
Justice and equality should be given to all people regardless of their race, color, creed and caste. Ideologies against one group of people separate us. Considering others inferior to us does not make us superior to them.
Racism can be end by changing our thinking our mentality and creating an atmosphere where everyone could breath freely without any fear. This world can come to peace only if we act as we and give everyone their rights. Social discrimination can lead us to chaos and destruction. Racism is simply an irrational prejudice, a product of ignorance and fear. We should fight racism on all forums. Systematic racism is a destructive force but when we stand together and fight it, we all get benefit. We need to stand together for a better tomorrow. No soul is black or white.

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