Jhon Green’s Fiction World


Jhon Green is one of the most famous book writer in America. He is famous for his fiction novels and his enthusiastic educational videos. He also runs a YouTube channel called “Vlogbrothers” as a vlogger with his brother Hank Green.
Jhon Green was born in Indiana on 24 August 1977. His childhood was not so good as he was constantly bullied by some egotistical people of his school. He has done double masters in Religious studies and English. After completing his graduation, Jhon worked as a student pastor in children’s clinic to fulfill his dream of becoming a Prelatic pastor. But as he spend more time with children suffering from fatal diseases he turned down his dream of becoming a pastor and started developing interest in writing. From then he started to work as a printing assistant a journal named Booklist. Green transcribed various analyses on literature fictions typically related to conjoined twins and faith of Islam.
Green published his very first novel “Looking for Alaska” in 2005 while he was still working as an analyst for book journals. This novel was based on teenage romance and it is also stated that this novel is inspired by Green’s early life in Indian Springs School. He acquainted new logical and philosophical attitude to the matters in an adolescent’s life. His first novel gained American Library Association’s Michael L. Printz Award in 2006 due to its very unusual content. It remained the best seller book for the period of 7 years.
Shortly after receiving his very first award for his first novel, in the same year Green published his second novel “An Abundance of Katherines” which earned him a second place in Printz Award. His third book “Paper Town” was published in 2008 from which he received same admiration and recognition. He also signed a contract to make films out of his novel but soon he ended up that contract by saying that readers would probably lost their interest and charm in reading novels and moreover film industry would fail to put up the real feelings and spirit of the characters of the book.
In 2012 Jhon Green’s “The Fault in our Stars” was the highest grossing novel and earned him his lifetime accomplishment. This novel is based on a teenage girl Hazel who is fighting with a lethal lung cancer and loses all hope to live a healthy and happy life. Then she met a guy Augustus who is also a cancer survivor. An unexpected turn of destiny makes them go on a tour to Amsterdam which changes their life. Green has fabricated this plot so strikingly that at the start it was certain that there is no happy ending but hope exists. This novel is also filmed and released in 2014 which received much fame and won many awards.
Jhon Green was married in 2016 to Sarah and have two children, a son and a daughter, living in Indiana. Jhon Green’s journey from a priest to the best novel writer with unexceptional content and more philosophical approach has inspired us all.

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