How to choose your Short Cut

How to choose your Short Cut

Follow these tips for choosing the right short cut for your face shape, and you won’t hesitate to tell your stylist to cut it all off.

Going for a short hairstyle can be a daring move, even if your hair is already on the shorter side. Once you have your hair cut to a certain length, there’s often no going back if you’re not happy with it. That’s why so many women opt to stick with what’s safe and go for a medium-length look instead. Follow these tips for choosing the right short cut for your face shape, and you won’t hesitate to tell your stylist to cut it all off.

Oval Face

Let’s start with the oval face, as it’s the easiest and most versatile to flatter. The oval-face gal can go with any number of short style options and feel confident she’ll look pretty darn good. Feel free to go for the classic, ultra-short pixie or try a funky, edgy cut. If you’re not ready to go all out in the short hair department, try a long bob that just brushes your shoulders.[read_more id=”3″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

You lucky girls with the oval face shape can do just about anything with the long bob, and it will still look good. Make it shaggy around the edges, go for face-framing layers or fringe or choose stick straight,hard-edged lines.

Blunt bangs are also a good choice for you and your oval face because the contrast of the bangs is complementary to the curves of your face shape. If your oval face is a bit on the long side, feel free to give a sophisticated bob a try. This cut’s long layers will do a lot for a long jawline. Add some longer bangs to hide a high forehead, and layers built in around the eyes and cheeks will add definition.

Long Face

Of course,if a sophisticated long bob will work for a longish oval face, it’s probably a good choice for girls with long, thin faces. Blunt or side-swept bangs are fabulous for balancing out a long face that many cuts often tend to weigh down. They’re also a sure-fix for a long forehead, which is certainly a common feature of long face shapes.

Longer faces can also be quite thin. An easy way to add the illusion of width is to go curly or wavy. The texture will make long, thin faces appear fuller and soften hard edges. Adding volume to your short hairstyle is also a sure-fire way to find a flattering look that works.

Square Face

A wavy shag is an ideal cut for square face shapes. Chin-length is best for this style, as it softens the edges of a square jaw and gives an overall flattering appearance. A graduated bob that is shorter in the back, but angles toward the front is another style that takes advantage of softening the jawline. Just make sure the front angle sweeps the jaw softly below the jaw, so as not to draw attention to it.

Heart Face

If your face is shaped like a heart, there are a number of short styles that will work well for your delicate features. The shag is great because its softness tones down what can sometimes be a pointy chin. A pixie can usually look awesome on heart-shaped faces because it plays up those delicate lines. A long bob is perfect for heart-shaped gals because it also de-emphasizes the chin. Think Jennifer Aniston.

Round Face

Even round-faced girls can rock the long bob. The length takes away some of the fullness of a round face. Straight hair is recommended with this cut, also to tone down the roundness and make the face appear thinner. Round-faced gals may want to steer clear of most bobs, as they can often make a round face appear puffy, but if done right, round faces can actually get away with a bob.

First, you’ll need to have side swept bangs cut in. Then, you’ll need to make sure to straighten your hair daily if it isn’t naturally so. These two things, when put together, can really create a flattering look for round faces.

So there you have it, ladies. Don’t shy away from going short. Fear doesn’t have to rule your beauty life. Be brave and tell your stylist to go ahead and wield the shears. Just follow these tips, and you’ll be looking gorgeous and sassy with your new ‘do!


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