Frank Gehry’s Architectural work


Frank Gehry is a renowned Canadian-American architect who has transformed the world of architecture by his postmodern projects. He was born on February 29, 1929 in Toronto Canada in a Polish and Jewish family. He was imaginary and creative at a very young age from where he developed his interest in architecture. He studied architecture in University of Southern California school of Architecture. Gehry built his very first skyscraper in New York and Opus Hong Kong tower in China.
His most famous structures includes:
• Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
• The Walt Disney Concert Hall
• The Foundation Louis Vuitton
He establishes his own practice arena in Los Angeles in 1962. His prior plans were based on linear geometry and balance. Soon he was inspired by some other architects and begin working with scraps and waste material. By doing so his projects turned out to be the modern constructivist style. He intended to expose the unveiled portions of the buildings and houses such as uncolored plywood, coarse material and ridged brass. His own house is the example of his exceptional work. Gehry was bestowed with the prominent Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1989. The board was much enthralled by Gehry’s determination and the dramatic nature of his work.
He also did several projects in Los Angeles Aerospace museum. His innovativeness is seen as he had placed an ultramodern F104 Star fighter jet over the entrance of the hall. The jet was slanting imitating the induction from the building. In the same way, he did his project for the West Coast head office of promoting firm Chiat Day contained an arrival that looks like a couple of huge binoculars.
Gehry’s also made some projects based on deconstructivisim. One of his works include The Santa Monica home is a great example of his smartness. He is known as an appealing artist who accepts challenges and make his design prototypes unique by ruling out conventional ideas. He initiated building houses in Southern California regularly in 1980s. He was one of such architects who pursued this kind of style and his work can be seen mainly in California.
Gehry is recognized for his selection of uncommon supplies along with his architectural viewpoint. The reliable appealing work made Gehry one of the greatest idiosyncratic and simply noticeable inventers of the past. Opponents of Gehry’s work are not so impressed by his designs.
At the age of 90 he is still a noteworthy person in the field of architecture. His most famous building in Paris called Louis Vuitton completed in 2014. He was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016 due to courageous and solicitous constructions which validate designer’s authority to persuade curiosity and refresh societies. The draftsman was also acclaimed for his technical novelty and negation to bound himself to conservative resources, procedures, and designs. Beside his architectural projects, Gehry also worked in scheming displays, jewels and various domestic substances. His most updated structure is a yacht which gained much popularity. He is a perfect example of a passionate guy who loved his work and constantly involving innovations and styles in his projects.

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