Corona virus-the deadly pandemic


The most hot current issue of the world is corona virus that has caused the whole world to shut down and put into a lockdown. This virus has now assumed the shape of a global pandemic.
COVID-19, an infections disease, is caused by a Corona virus SARS-COV-2 There is no vaccine available to treat this virus. It is spread by human contact like hand shake, hug , or the droplets of cough or sneeze causing the virus to get into lungs and cause a shortness of breath. The droplets are too heavy to float in air and quickly fall on the surface or floor. By touching the affected surfaces then touching your eyes face or mouth can cause one a victim of Covid-19.
This virus was first detected in Wuhan, China in November. From then on the cases started to rise in an alarming way. It is said that this virus was transferred from bats to humans. This virus travelled to all the parts of the world and caused a disturbance in the routine working of every field. This virus not only caused a number of deaths but also a great loss to the economy. The WHO has declared a medical emergency throughout the world. Almost every country is suffering from economic crisis, health issues and many more.
The main symptoms of this virus are dry cough, flu, mild fever, headache, chills, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of smell or taste, nausea, sore throat and change in the color of toes in children. In worst case scenario shortness of breath causes the patient to land on ventilator.
The treatment has not been found yet but supporting therapy has been given to the victims of this vicious virus. Washing hands and social distancing should be practiced to get one’s self save from this virus. WHO has suggested people who have shown the symptoms to put themselves into quarantine or isolation and avoid any kind of physical contact with others for 14 days. Wearing masks and gloves can prevent the spread of the virus.
A few countries like New Zealand and Iceland have been able to tackle this virus by imposing a complete lockdown .
This virus has two strains , L and S. As this virus keeps spreading experts may find more strains of it.
The virus affects people of all ages but the two groups are at higher risk of getting this virus. These people are above 60 years or underlying medical conditions.
The total number of active cases in the whole world are 4,336,800 and the death toll Rises to 292,366 which is 6.74% of the total amount.
The end of this vicious virus is not known yet scientists around the world are working hard to develop a vaccine to end it as soon as possible. Social distancing and a good hygiene would let us defeat this virus. According to some studies this virus will remain for a year or two. We can get through this if we act logically and unitedly.

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