• Calling to Elon Musk a “pedo guy”

    Calling to Elon Musk a “pedo guy”0

    Insulting but not defamatory language. This is essentially the view of a Los Angeles jury that acquitted Elon Musk after a brief hour of deliberation on Friday. Tesla’s boss was sued for defamation by a British speleologist who had acted as intermediaries in the rescue of Thai children trapped in a flooded cave in 2018.

  • Smartphone translate conversations live

    Smartphone translate conversations live0

    A serious boost for your next trip abroad. Google’s voice assistant now includes an interpreter mode that can translate your conversations in real time, reports the Phonandroid site. Available on Android and iOS, this new feature will be available in 44 languages. It will be gradually deployed worldwide.

  • The “Sybel” best application of the year

    The “Sybel” best application of the year0

    Sybel is an application dedicated solely to audio. It offers series, fiction and audio documentaries, all free of charge. All audiences are targeted through a comprehensive catalogue and different genres. For example, adults can find thrillers and children can find stories for their age, thanks to a “Kids” mode.