• Google Maps a bright idea at night

    Google Maps a bright idea at night0

    Google is currently testing a new feature on its Google Maps geolocation and guidance service. This new feature is particularly suitable for pedestrians following a night route. The idea is to propose safer routes by indicating which streets benefit or not from public lighting.

  • The “Avy” ambulance drone

    The “Avy” ambulance drone0

    The European Space Agency (ESA), the creators of the Auterion open source operating system and the University of Delft (Netherlands) have jointly created Avy, a drone for medical equipment deliveries. The electric aircraft was unveiled during Amsterdam UAV Week, December 4-6. It offers both the advantages of traditional stand-alone aircraft and those of a flying wing,” explains Futura Tech.

  • High radiation level in smartphones

    High radiation level in smartphones0

    Apple and Samsung consider this a very unfortunate situation. A lawsuit against them was brought in the District Court of California. The plaintiffs are asking the court to order both manufacturers to pay for medical follow-up, as well as damages for which the amount has not been specified.