10 tips to become a perfect gentleman

10 tips to become a perfect gentleman

This is a question that we ask ourselves a lot: how to be a perfect gentleman and to be totally confident with others. There are many things you need to know to be a gentleman in terms of both attitude and dress.

This is a question that we ask ourselves a lot: how to be a perfect gentleman and to be totally confident with others. There are many things you need to know to be a gentleman in terms of both attitude and dress. Here are our 10 tips to avoid making mistakes in society.

How to be a perfect 10-point gentleman?

You have always wanted to know in a nutshell how to be a gentleman to the people around you, so we have listed the 10 main points that will make you this elegant and sophisticated person.

Dress elegantly

When you have a gentlemanly attitude, you also have to look like one. We therefore recommend a look that will be in harmony. We prefer pretty pieces, we prefer shirts to old t-shirts, we choose a pretty jacket to which we add a pocket. You don’t have to go to the tie either. Find the look that suits you while remaining elegant even in basketball. The details will make the difference. Feel free to look at our men’s look ideas.

Avoid multi-colour and pattern mixtures

Basic rule but essential to being a perfect gentleman. The mixing of several colours is absolutely avoided. We tastefully match our accessories and outfit. Colour side: no more than 3 at a time. This goes without saying, but we absolutely avoid flush tops if you wear checkered pants…

Making the difference with accessories

Choose accessories that will make you elegant and sophisticated. It is really the accessories that make the difference and correctly finish an outfit. We like to add a pocket to a jacket, we choose a pretty quality belt to dress pants, do not hesitate to wear colored socks (but no patterns!) to brighten up some looks and the main thing: wear a beautiful watch.

Avoid: “Ma-tu-vu” cufflinks like game cards or other, the classic tie that will give you a cheesy look.

10 tips to become a gentleman-accessories

Taking care of yourself

It is also necessary to take care of yourself by maintaining your skin and external appearance. If you have a beard, like me, do a good job of maintaining your beard on a daily basis. Maintain your skin with a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer. To make the difference, consider using a men’s perfume like yves saint laurent, which has a particularly refined scent.

Hold a certain posture

When you want to be a gentleman, you have to hold a certain posture. So you stand up straight as if you were sitting, and you avoid lying on the couch or chair, especially in public. Elegance comes through this kind of position.

Don’t laugh/shout too loudly

A person who speaks particularly loudly or laughs excessively without restraint is qualified as many things except being an elegant man. So we avoid shouting, raising our voices unnecessarily and when it is necessary to laugh, we do it by containing ourselves a little if you don’t want to be seen as the service steward. Camping is not here!

Focus on conversations

The perfect gentleman shows a particular interest in the different conversations that can take place. Even if you hear the story for the 11th time, pretend it’s the first time you’ve heard it and force yourself to laugh all elegantly once again. Not interested in the subject? Show the opposite and if you really dislike the subject, simply avoid relaunching and gently bringing up another subject that may appeal to the person in front of you.

Have a perfect handshake

Many messages and characteristics about your personality go through the handshake. So you need to find the one that will be perfect for a gentleman. It must be effective, not too long or too short. We will also avoid a handshake that is too firm and obviously too soft.

Remain polite in all circumstances

You’re dealing with a bad guy (a nice word, isn’t it?), you keep calm and remain polite. You will soon realize that in front of some people, getting angry is absolutely useless. Be careful not to become totally haughty either!

Hold the door

Does that sound old-fashioned to you? Yet women, and even the most feminist of them, appreciate this small, rather gentlemanly gesture. You go out with your sweetheart, open the door for her. She will appreciate your taste and finesse, we can assure you!


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